Immedis Guest Blog Article: Global Payroll Data and its Importance to the CFO and CHRO

As it can be in life, so it can be in business: objectives and charters seemingly unrelated or even at odds with each other can be, as the cliché goes, two sides of the same coin. As the non-cliché goes, they can be complementing hemispheres. It’s often the case in the C-suite, as the Accenture-advocated idea of whole-brain leadership shows us. And it’s certainly the case in human capital management, as 3Sixty Insights’ concept of concrete and abstract HCM shows.

What’s more, one kind of data can be comparably valuable to different stakeholders in the C-suite whose concerns might be seen, alternately, as left-brained vs. right-brained. Such is the case. certainly, when it comes to the needs of the chief financial officer and chief human resources officer. In a multinational enterprise, global payroll can be the source of that data — as long as it’s available and manageable, which only the right technology can really make happen.

This is the epiphany that came to mind for me, having had the pleasure of co-presenting a webinar last week with Conrad Wilson, data and analytics lead for Immedis, the Ireland-headquartered provider of technology and support for global payroll. Tiffany Appleby, vice president of global alliances and partnerships at Immedis, was our host and moderator. Our topic really made me think: “Payroll Analytics: How global payroll data provides the CFO and CHRO with insights for better decision-making.”

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