3Sixty Insights #HRTechChat with Jennifer Ravalli, Head of Marketing at PandoLogic

Jennifer Ravalli was our guest for the latest episode of the 3Sixty Insights #HRTechChat podcast. Following long stints at ADP and, most recently, iCIMS, Jenn joined PandoLogic in September 2020 to head all marketing efforts.

Jenn and I met and first spoke at the Spring 2021 HR Technology Conference & Exposition. It’s when we delved specifically into PandoLogic’s solution, a programmatic job advertising platform with underpinnings in artificial intelligence and available on the iCIMS marketplace.

Naturally, this episode of #HRTechChat covers much ground in the areas of AI, the future of work, and more — among our favorite topics at 3Sixty Insights. (Go here and here for our blogging on these ideas.)

Jenn sees AI transforming the roles of recruiting (and sourcing, for that matter). Drawing on lessons learned from the analysis of massive data sets, AI will eventually become just plain better than even the most seasoned, savvy, innovative professionals at certain things in recruiting and sourcing.

Some of that will be the machine learning part of things — the repetitive things recruiters would rather not do anyway. But AI will also be better at other things, such as being far more accurate than human intuition when it comes to knowing where the best candidates for an open requisition are likely to be and where they’re likely to look.

Who exactly these candidates are or should be is another thing AI will get better and better at determining, eventually better than any human ever could be. And AI will make organizations better at producing job descriptions that attract the most qualified, most diverse candidates for the job.

In sum, soft skills, skills such as people skills, will grow ever more critical to recruiting professionals’ success as their day-to-day work grows to encompass mostly this aspect of their roles.

And that’s just a small peek into my conversation with Jenn. I encourage you to give this episode a listen.

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