3Sixty Insights #HRTechChat: iCIMS Insights “Class of 2021 Report”

Joining me for this, the latest episode of the 3Sixty Insights #HRTechChat video podcast, were two guests from iCIMS: Rhea Moss, director of data insights and customer intelligence, and Nicole Tucker, manager of talent acquisition. Together, we delved into the recently published “Class of 2021 Report.” Drawing on data from a survey “conducted among 500 U.S. human resource or recruiting professionals, 500 U.S. college seniors, 250 U.K. college seniors, and 250 France college seniors between April 9 and April 23, 2021,” iCIMS Insights explored the expectations and hopes that this year’s college graduates have for their first professional jobs.

In the year that was 2020, industries of most stripes welcomed much discussion — and took much action — around bolstering and improving the employee experience. Employers of front-line workers faced their own challenges with hybrid arrangements and the like. Meanwhile, for desk workers, a fog set in as work from home became the norm. We began to equate improvements in the employee experience as necessarily linked to organizations’ flexibility in accommodating WFH arrangements.

What’s interesting is iCIMS’ findings around this. Whereas, anecdotally, we may conclude that Millennials and others embraced WFH as helpful to them as they tended to children attending school online or home from closed daycare facilities, the data show that Generation Z (a.k.a. Zoomers) doesn’t wish to put up with much of this WFH dynamic. We may infer, from the research, that they want to experience the traditional rites of passage into full-fledged adulthood, and one of those is the opportunity to go to a brick-and-mortar office, make work friends, and experience their careers IRL.

It’s just one of the many intriguing findings from iCIMS’ annual survey research in this area. In the data from iCIMS’ latest research are several deep implications for talent acquisition and the onboarding and subsequent employment of young new-hires. Give this episode a listen. Rhea and Nicole bring much insight to this important discussion.

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