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Case Study: Paycor and Partner Spark Hire Empower Affordable Housing Developer’s Recruiting Efforts

3Sixty Insights set out this year to explore several phenomena in human capital management and the technology for it. The employer’s experience covered here provides a case-in-point of interplay between a few of these (3Sixty Insights BWSAG20101 – Research Agenda 2020-2021 Human Capital Management, October 2020). Point Solutions: Usual Suspects, Atypical Origins Vendors of full suites for HCM have made significant strides with their end-to-end functionality, feasibly covering the entire spectrum of HR and related needs. Despite these vendors’ laudable work toward these ends, no full-suite HCM vendor can expect to be all things to all employers. In certain domains of the HCM landscape, the need persists; for some, it is the need for best-of-breed point solutions. 3Sixty Insights has found that talent acquisition is […]

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3Sixty Insights #HRTechChat with Nicole Roberts, Vice President of People and Culture for MVAH Partners

Nicole Roberts, vice president of people and culture at MVAH Partners, joined 3Sixty Insights for this episode of #HRTechChat. A member of the 3Sixty Insights Global Executive Advisory Council, Nicole started in her leadership role at MVAH a year ago, in March 2020 — just as the flurry of pandemic-related restrictions unfolded in the United States. The disruption profoundly affected the nature of her first several months on the job. On day one, for example, she took over internal employee communications. MVAH, a developer of affordable housing, has 7,000 units under its management across 15 states. The logistics around managing an already dispersed workforce suddenly under unprecedented, unique circumstances were significant and necessitated the expansion of her focus. Amidst all this, Nicole and her team […]

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