3Sixty Insights #HRTechChat with Nicole Roberts, Vice President of People and Culture for MVAH Partners

Nicole Roberts, vice president of people and culture at MVAH Partners, joined 3Sixty Insights for this episode of #HRTechChat. A member of the 3Sixty Insights Global Executive Advisory Council, Nicole started in her leadership role at MVAH a year ago, in March 2020 — just as the flurry of pandemic-related restrictions unfolded in the United States. The disruption profoundly affected the nature of her first several months on the job. On day one, for example, she took over internal employee communications. MVAH, a developer of affordable housing, has 7,000 units under its management across 15 states. The logistics around managing an already dispersed workforce suddenly under unprecedented, unique circumstances were significant and necessitated the expansion of her focus.

Amidst all this, Nicole and her team also put in the hard work to implement the following:

Nicole sat down with us for a wide-ranging discussion — employer culture, the intrinsic drive most employees have to produce good work, her philosophy behind employee recognition, and more. Our conversation yielded several gems:

  • The HR department should not be the high school principal’s office.
  • For them to realize their potential on the job, staff need approachable leaders — mentors and coaches, not scolds and nags.
  • Leaders in the organization set and influence employer culture.
  • Technology isn’t just about efficiency. It’s also about communication.
  • Regular communication between HR and all its organizational stakeholders is paramount to success.
  • Effective technology can be the deciding factor in facilitating or impeding this communication.
  • In other words, most organizations need strong leadership and strong technology for HCM (and communication) to be successful in perpetuating a strong, healthy employer culture
  • Every customer interaction presents a microcosm of some expression of that employer culture.
  • Organizations with positive, healthy employer cultures have positive, healthy interactions with customers.

By the way…

At the Spring HR Technology Conference, a virtual event, Nicole is on the hunt this week for information on the latest thinking in employee recognition and innovative vendors providing related technology.

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