3Sixty Insights Research Recap | May 2023

Recent Research:

Market Alert: Revolutionizing Talent Management: Phenom’s Workforce Intelligence Platform Empowers Retention and Growth Strategies

Revolutionize your talent management strategies with Phenom’s Workforce Intelligence Platform! Address declining employee loyalty and limited career advancements by understanding aspirations, detecting early warnings, and fostering real-time collaboration. Empower your HRBPs with AI-driven insights and streamline manager experiences for effective talent retention and growth. Get ready for a game-changing transformation!

Video: Learn from PGA Tour Superstore’s Success with Go1’s Comprehensive Online Library

Discover how PGA Tour Superstore refreshed their learning and development infrastructure with Go1’s comprehensive online library. In this insightful 3Sixty Insights video, learn how HR teams can easily identify high-quality resources, organize them into effective training interventions, and deliver consistent learning experiences. Refresh and revolutionize your L&D solutions with Go1’s tailored content library, and gain insights from PGA Tour Superstore’s success story. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your organization’s training and development initiatives.

Video: Orbus Software Surmounts Challenges in Employee Learning by Turning to Go1 for Curated Content

In this video, Brent Skinner walks viewers through an analysis of how and why Orbus Software turned to Go1 for part of the puzzle in overhauling their learning ecosystem. A provider of cloud software for digital transformation, Orbus wanted a diverse trove of learning content to curate and, thus, enliven employees’ skills development and training.

Recent HRTechChat’s:

#HRTechChat with Amaresh Tripathy: Upskilling 120,000 People for Data Awareness at Genpact

Amaresh Tripathy, the guest on this episode of the #HRTechChat video podcast, is senior vice president and global business leader at Genpact, a General Electric spin-off. Amaresh believes that, at Genpact, he and his team have built the world’s largest data awareness program. The episode dives deeply into how so and, as well, how solutions such as EdCast, acquired by Cornerstone last year, have played a critical role in making success possible — already upskilling around half of Genpact’s approximately 120,000-strong workforce so far.

#HRTechChat with Kim Slowik: The Power of Building Meaningful Relationships: Why Recruiters Are Irreplaceable

In a world driven by technology and automation, the role of recruiters remains crucial in building meaningful relationships and effective hiring. While technology offers valuable tools for finding candidates, it’s the personal touch and genuine connections that truly make a difference. Recruiters who engage with candidates on a personal level gain insights beyond resumes and can identify the perfect fit for both the candidate and the company. By understanding team dynamics and culture, recruiters can create cohesive units. While technology enhances efficiency, recruiters who provide feedback and genuinely care about candidates build trust and loyalty, nurturing long-term careers.

#HRTechChat: The Power of Inclusive Leadership in the Age of Technology with Jennifer Dole, Larry McAlister and Al Dea

The intersection of technology and inclusive leadership is reshaping organizations. In our latest #HRTechChat podcast, we explore the key attributes of inclusive leaders and how technology enhances their impact. Let’s shape the future together! #InclusiveLeadership #TechEnhancedLeadership #FutureOfWork

#HRTechChat Podcast with Andy Storch and Larry McAlister on Building Resilience and Taking Ownership: The Keys to a Fulfilling Career

Are you tired of feeling stuck in your career? It’s time to build resilience and take ownership of your future. A growth mindset, self-advocacy, and empathy are just a few ways to overcome obstacles and achieve success. Don’t let challenges hold you back – start shaping your own future today!

Recent Articles:

The Human Element: Why Good Managers Are Key to Successful Talent Management Technology Adoptions

Attending #UnleashAmerica made it clear that HR technology has come a long way. But amidst all the advancements, the importance of good managers cannot be overstated. As Adam Hickman puts it, “You could have the best technology in the world. If you’ve got the worst managers running it, it doesn’t make a difference.” Companies need to invest in manager training and development, prioritize hiring and promoting those with a track record of success in managing people, provide ongoing support, and foster a culture of continuous learning. Invest in your managers and see the benefits in your talent management strategy.

BetterUp Coaching Program: Empowering Women in the Workplace

Empower female leaders in the workplace with BetterUp Coaching Program. Personalized development plans, career growth focus, and evidence-based coaching create a supportive environment. With BetterUp, Equinix saw improved engagement scores, retention, and director satisfaction. Invest in coaching to overcome challenges and foster inclusivity.

SAP’s Steve Hunt & Ingentis’ Michael Grimm Discuss 3Sixty Insights Organizational Restructuring Research at Unleash America

SAP’s Steve Hunt & Ingentis’ Michael Grimm showcase how cutting-edge HR Technology can unlock new possibilities, optimize talent allocation, and foster agile structures that drive success. Special recognition goes to Steve for acknowledging the joint research with Jennifer Dole and 3Sixty Insights, setting the stage for insights that will reshape an approach to restructuring.

Unleash – UNLEASH America analyst takeaways: Lean into AI, skills & belonging

UNLEASH America came to a close two weeks ago. What were the main takeaways? Four of the leading HR analysts weigh in!

Gloat Blog – April Research Roundup: How Skills, Generative AI, and Workforce Ecosystems Are Reshaping Our Work Resignation Journey

Much like the first years of the 2020s, 2023 continues to be a time of profound shifts in the way we work and drive impact. Amidst ongoing economic turbulence and widening skills shortages, leaders are looking to a new generation of technological innovations to unlock capacity, accelerate results, and empower employees—and workers of all types—to achieve their full potential.

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