Gloat Blog – April Research Roundup: How Skills, Generative AI, and Workforce Ecosystems Are Reshaping Our Work Resignation Journey

Much like the first years of the 2020s, 2023 continues to be a time of profound shifts in the way we work and drive impact. Amidst ongoing economic turbulence and widening skills shortages, leaders are looking to a new generation of technological innovations to unlock capacity, accelerate results, and empower employees—and workers of all types—to achieve their full potential.

ChatGPT is, of course, the breakthrough at the forefront of most leaders’ discussions right now. Across all industries, business functions, and seniority levels, employees and managers are experimenting with the technology and seeing how they can leverage it to augment and accelerate work.

The rise of generative AI—and AI-powered innovation at large—is further evidence that our working world is in a state of massive transformation and transition. We are rethinking operating models, not only to increase employees’ performance and productivity, but also to make room for human-machine collaborations that will usher in an era of unprecedented efficiency and enhanced outcomes.

As we stand with one foot in the past and one foot in this augmented future, it’s up to leaders to identify the role these new innovations will play in reshaping the way we work and prepare their employees accordingly. To help workforces get ready for the next wave of AI innovation, this month’s research roundup will be dedicated to exploring the rise of these technologies and the role they can play in creating better outcomes for employees, managers, customers, and societies.

Here are the pieces I am reading, listening to, and thinking about to put 2023’s rapid changes into context to pave the way for long-term success.

Gloat Supports Organizations Through Transition to Talent Transformation, 3Sixty Insights, by Jennifer Dole: This report by the leading research firm 3Sixty Insights explores how companies across multiple industries are harnessing talent marketplaces to achieve impressive results on accelerated timelines. After speaking with executives at companies in the energy, insurance, and pharmaceutical industries, Jennifer Dole recaps the journey these organizations go on to implement their platforms as well as some of the transformational changes they’ve achieved post-launch.

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