Market Alert: Revolutionizing Talent Management: Phenom’s Workforce Intelligence Platform Empowers Retention and Growth Strategies

Revolutionizing Talent Management: Phenom's Workforce Intelligence Platform Empowers Retention and Growth Strategies Phenom is set to introduce a Workforce Intelligence Platform that aims to reshape talent retention and growth strategies for organizations.
Recognizing the challenges of declining employee loyalty and limited career advancements, Phenom is expanding its presence in this space. Their goal is to expand its holistic Intelligent Talent Experience platform to include technology where employees can effectively communicate their aspirations and employers have access to the data for improved talent decisions. With a focus on proactive solutions, Phenom is poised to revolutionize talent management by understanding employee aspirations, detecting early warnings, coaching teams, and fostering real-time collaboration.

This introduction emphasizes the importance of “intelligence for talent management,” which combines employee, HR business partners (HRBP), and people managers’ experience to enhance employee retention and growth strategies. By integrating data into a common platform, AI models can identify patterns and provide unique insights. Drawing from successful practices in talent acquisition with its Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) tool, Phenom now extends this approach to talent management with Employee Relationship Management (ERM) as well.

Employee Experience

Phenom’s engaging Employee Experience encompasses several key features of a talent marketplace. Employees can find open roles within the organization or receive personalized job recommendations based on their unique skills, interests, and experience. Employees will receive mentor recommendations to bridge skill gaps and achieve their goals. They will be encouraged to expand their network through internal networking opportunities and resource groups, as well refer friends for job opportunities within the organization. Learning integrations will allow employees to access specialized skill courses, while gig opportunities enable them to organically enhance their skills.

Comprehensive profile management empowers employees to showcase their skills, competencies, career goals, personal interests, mentorship availability and preferences. Skill endorsements from managers and peers validate their abilities. The platform suggests career paths based on skills, highlighting gaps and providing insights to identify growth opportunities within the organization.

However, the true challenge lies in how a company utilizes the data extracted from an employee experience platform. It’s not merely about collecting information; it’s about leveraging it effectively and empathetically. Transforming raw data into actionable insights, implementing meaningful changes based on employee feedback, and fostering a culture of trust and transparency are the real struggles. Without a strategic approach to data utilization, the full potential of an employee experience platform remains untapped, hindering its adoption and impact on the organization.

Enter Phenom’s HRBP experience.

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