What Makes Your Business Different?

The other day skimming though LinkedIn and came across a post getting a great deal of attention. It was someone complaining about a response they received from a CEO after sending three prospecting emails…. The response from this CEO was fairly blunt, telling this person to stop wasting their time and the rep was offended by this response.

While reading, I thought to myself most reps tend to forget there is big world out there and everyone is fighting for executive attention. Just think, how many times has sales management said that in order to win “you need to be at the executive level”?

As an example of the current state of the market; this article points out over 700 Sale Enablement Technology providers out there today: http://www.salesforlife.com/blog/making-sense-of-700-sales-tech-players-roundup?es_p=4684431. Let that sink in for a minute, “700+ Sales Enablement Technology Providers”. We are talking about the fact that these 700+ providers are only for one market segment. Another article points out that there are roughly 3,874 Marketing Technology Providers in market as of 2016: http://chiefmartec.com/2016/03/marketing-technology-landscape-supergraphic-2016/. As a result; executives today most likely receive prospecting emails from a majority of these two segments. Now to further compound the issue, there are other market segments also fighting for executive attention, for example: Financial Management, Supply chain, Order Management, HR, Legal and the list goes on.

To win in today’s market; you need to do more than just send prospecting e-mails, because everyone is doing the “exact same thing”… You need to think to yourself, what are you doing differently to make yourself and your company standout from everyone else?

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