Understanding Perception and How Perception Is Reality

Today, I wanted to write something that is a little off topic. We can all agree that this past year has been one of unprecedented events, forever imprinted in history. And for many, it has been an outright difficult year. What hasn’t made things any better is the extreme bifurcation of the world on many of today’s issues. With this in mind, in today’s article, we wanted to take a different approach and focus on the power of perception. As someone once told me a long time ago, perception is reality. It has true power over how we as humans interact with each other, both from a personal and professional standpoint. As an example, psychology research shows that humans make a decision on whether they like and will buy something from someone within 3 seconds. However, perception doesn’t stop at first glance; over time, our perception changes and can even be persuaded.

Let’s dive into to this a bit… Watch the viral Facebook Video in this link: https://www.facebook.com/jael.trujillo.73/videos/10164265834505430

What did you hear? Green Needle or Brainstorm?

The reality is that you are hearing both… The audio is simply looping both Green Needle and Brainstorm one after the other, but your brain is taking in the suggestive word you are looking at and overpowering the reality of what is being heard. It is the natural psychology of how our brains work; essentially, our brains are always processing information and will at times replace reality with sounds, colors, and objects that are not there, based upon additional information being processed or in some cases not processed. Here are a few other brain teasers that play on this psychology: https://www.verywellmind.com/cool-optical-illusions-2795841.

This is important to understand, as this is the reality that is playing out in today’s society and why two people can see the exact same facts before them but essentially interpret two entirely different things. This is something that further becomes compounded by the media and Social Media algorithms… Fundamentally, by seeing certain themes in a repetitive nature, your brain begins to program itself to see that very same thing elsewhere. Like in the video above, by simply looking at a word in a colored box, your brain begins to complete the rest of the story via the audio track… Similar to the Negative Photo Illusion in the link shared above as well, you are seeing a simple negative, but your brain finds a way to put the missing pieces of the puzzle together, to make it a full-color photo.

Perception is strong. It is so strong, that perception can become reality. Whether it is in your personal life or business, it’s an important point to remember. As you might be hearing Green Needle and someone else Brainstorm, don’t let the fact that you are both right slip by you. The world has become bifurcated by perception. There truly can be a middle ground if we begin to realize we hear both Green Needle and Brainstorm.

Listen to that video again a few times, once you’ve opened up your mind, you’ll hear it

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