The Importance of the Team Experience in the Workplace

The Importance of the Team Experience in the Workplace

The topic of “activate your team” came up on last month’s 3Sixty Insights #HRTechChat  podcast with Larry McAlister, founder of The Corporate Humanist Consultancy. It was an insightful conversation that stretched my thinking beyond employee or manager experience. As Larry mentioned, “if you are an aligned individual, you are going to be a better team member, the team is better when it works together, and that team helps the entire enterprise.”  The idea sparked even more thinking about teamwork and how technology is advancing it. 

Teamwork is often said to be one of the most important aspects of a successful workplace. However, it is not enough to simply have a team – it must be an environment where teams can engage, perform, and grow together. Therefore, it is crucial to focus on creating an effective team experience – one that enables teams to thrive and become great in the workplace.   

So imagine how excited I am to see that one of my favorite chief marketing officers, Tara O’Sullivan, joined PepTalk on the day they announced a major funding round to scale the company in the U.S. The PepTalk crew has developed a team experience platform that helps organizations, managers, and employees identify and develop habits and behaviors to bring leaders and their teams together to address the ongoing challenges with connection, engagement, and productivity in the workplace.  

What Is the Team Experience?  

As Tara commented on LinkedIn, “wait until you see [the team experience platform] – it is amazing. It is going to be the next phase of the employee experience!” 

The team experience is all about fostering an environment where teams can collaborate and work together effectively. It involves creating an atmosphere of trust and mutual respect where everyone feels comfortable sharing their ideas and opinions. It also requires creating a culture of openness and continuous learning so that everyone can benefit from each other’s insights.  

One way to create this kind of environment is by using behavioral psychology and sharing insight. This involves understanding the different behaviors that lead to success for everyone on the team, as well as identifying any areas where there may be a gap in knowledge or communication between members. With this knowledge, teams can create action plans that help them move forward together with greater efficiency and effectiveness.  

At its core, this approach allows for greater collaboration between team members, allowing them to take full advantage of each other’s strengths and improve upon their weaknesses as a unified whole. It also encourages better communication between members which leads to more productive discussions and better decision-making processes overall. I can only imagine the benefits:        

  • Focusing on the team experience is creating an environment in which good teams can become great teams. This means providing opportunities for team building activities so that members can get to know one another better and develop stronger relationships with each other over time. 
  • Providing resources will help ensure that every member has access to the guidance they need to reach their full potential within the team environment. 
  • Recognizing when goals are achieved or when someone goes above-and-beyond in performing their job duties; this reinforces good behavior while also motivating others within the team environment.  

Summary Thoughts 

Focusing on the team experience is essential for success in today’s modern workplace. By utilizing behavioral psychology and sharing insight, as well as providing resources for growth and recognition for achievement, you can create an environment that helps teams engage with each other more effectively while performing at their absolute best – transforming good teams into great ones in no time. 

Tara is right, I cannot wait to see PepTalk’s success. 

Are you focusing on the team experience in 2023?  I would love to learn about it!  Please share your story with us.    

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