Research Preview: Payroll, HCM, and Complexity: What Are the Big Concerns in Managing Remote, Global, or Otherwise Complex Workforces?

3Sixty Insights - Payroll, HCM, and Complexity - Thumbnail - AngledFor 2022, 3Sixty Insights is exploring four main themes in human capital management (3Sixty Insights 3SIAG2214 – The 3Sixty Insights Human Capital Management Themes for 2022, January 2022). The following preview looks at the second of these, the title of this report.


Throw the aftermath of a global pandemic on top of the already tall heap of concerns, and the complexities impacting payroll and human capital management for large enterprises have only grown over the past several years. Even just the payroll piece of the equation has always been fraught with challenges. Work from anywhere has become work from home, for example, further exacerbating the intricacies the typical global or exceptionally complex enterprise faces in paying employees, in a long-tail footprint of far-flung locations and employee classifications, on time and in compliance with a broad regulatory landscape (3Sixty Insights 3SIMA2212 – “Immedis Delivers More Power to Users in Q1 2022 with New Functionality in Analytics and Mobile Self-Service,” January 2022).
And remuneration is just one weave in the tapestry. Add the breadth of talent acquisition, including onboarding, as well as time and attendance and the rest. Think of the organization comprising sundry micro-multinational-like environments — a few offices each home to a small number of employees here, a few more there. Think of it as long-tail spread, a scattered headcount stretched across many countries. From these multiple sources, and in multiple forms, myriad data regarding scheduling, time, benefits (e.g., from partners, etc.), employee absence, expenses, new hiring, workforce planning and more all informs HCM.
Large multinational enterprises have complex business structures and a multicultural workforce. Many disparate systems, often unintegrated, operate in isolation. The complex organization needs a way to manage it all. Such an enterprise must not only follow a vast array of internal protocols and policies, but also comply with a vast, uneven regulatory landscape applicable to the employer’s workforce.

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