Research Agenda: Human Capital Management 2022

3sixty Insights 2022 HCM Themes

Many of the following themes for 2022 in human capital management build on the idea that every aspect of HCM has concrete and abstract expressions (3Sixty Insights BWSRN2142 – Concrete vs. Abstract HCM: The Power of “And,” April 2021)—easily measurable, tactical impacts (concrete), and less easily measurable, strategic impacts (abstract) all in the end affecting employee sentiment and, therefore, organizational success.

This year’s themes also reflect the idea that advances in technology and in attitudes about HCM’s charter are blurring the lines between conventional silos of HCM. You cannot do performance management well anymore without combining it with better collaboration technology and a modern learning management system (LMS), for example. Even the long-ago newfangled term talent management has all but slinked away, replaced by notions of talent optimization and the like. This is probably because the old taxonomy limits organizations’ ability to understand the totality of HCM, let alone accommodate the modern employee experience and deliver one that is excellent.

At the same time, ironically, point solutions providing deep specialization across several of these conventional domains (many of them drawing on the power of artificial intelligence) are more important than ever. They’re transforming our concepts of scheduling, talent acquisition, succession management, and the rest of HCM’s traditional silos—even payroll.

The question now is this: Where does HR end, and where does the employee experience extend as we forge ahead, into the not-too-distant future of work? We have long known that, even though it may influence employee sentiment, not all of HR concerns itself in an intentional or conscious way with the employee experience. And, as the disruption of a worldwide pandemic has clarified, a large swath of the employee experience plays outside HR’s inherent domain. HR’s aspirations to expand its purview and be part of the employee experience, to influence it, is the animus compelling us to embed HR into the employee experience (3Sixty Insights BWSRN2211 – “Choose Your Own Adventure: Returning to the Workplace, Protecting the Employee Experience,” January 2022).

With all this in mind, the following are the HCM themes that 3Sixty Insights is exploring in 2022:

  • Where and How Is HCM Best at Improving the Employee Experience?
  • Payroll, HCM, and Complexity: What Are the Big Concerns in Managing Remote, Global, or Otherwise Complex Workforces?
  • Is it Time to Pull HCM from the Back Office to the Front Lines?
  • What’s the Taxonomy of the “New Talent Acquisition Suite” and Philosophy Driving it?

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