Research Agenda: The 3Sixty Insights Human Capital Management Themes for 2023

Research Agenda: The 3sixty Insights Human Capital Management Themes for 2023Every domain of human capital management (HCM), it seems, has been tinged by fresh attitudes and new charters. As we enter a post-pandemic kind of HCM, we see employers big and small pursuing global employee mobility and chasing an ever better, ever expanding experience for their employees. Entire market niches have seen the demand for them continue to grow rapidly. An apt example, the employer of record (EOR) business model facilitates global employee mobility and can be tantamount to protecting the employee experience as organizations quickly expand globally. Meanwhile, HR’s seat at the table of organizational leadership seems finally within reach as the state of the art of technology for HCM equips HR practitioners (and line managers) with the tools and data they need to become strategic assets to their employers.
Wide-ranging interviews with users of technology for HCM have fundamentally informed our 2023 HCM Themes. Continuing in this vein, we look forward to unearthing insights that will further shape and evolve our understanding of these ideas in the coming months.

Two Questions: What Comes After the Employee Experience?

There are two meanings here. First, what does the employee experience after the employee experience (and before it)? Second, the HCM market space is ready for the term that will come after “employee experience.” This new term must do better at reflecting the fullness and importance of the employee–employer dynamic and its interdependent impact on both these stakeholders.

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