Guest LinkedIn Live: Blueprint for keeping your organization agile


Steve Goldberg, HCM research & advisory, and Jennifer Borun, senior director, analyst relations and strategic engagement of Cornerstone, sat down on LinkedIn Live to discuss how to guide your organization through solving future problems and succeeding in a volatile market.

Take one look at the news (or your LinkedIn feed), and you’ll see a lot of talk about market changes and economic shifts. There’s fear and uncertainty about what’s to come.

Steve explained that unpredictability and volatility are relative concepts, but the landscape of a pandemic has given these terms a tangible depth and taken uncertainty to a new level. That level, Steve said, is “a period of max fluidity.” Fancy term! But what is “max fluidity”? Think of the supply chain disruptions currently creating problems around the world. In this case, the unpredictability of the pandemic has made employees look for more agency in their careers, which has led to a wave of resignations. People are reconstituting their career paths.

Goldberg and Borun agreed that the utmost important part of surviving max fluidity is keeping your employees continually evolving with the needs and expectations of the market, which takes work. HR Leaders, who will lead the charge of helping employees evolve, will also need support to be as agile.

What should organizations focus on to ensure they can successfully navigate any unpredicted shifts in the world?

Elevating organizational agility. Goldberg defines it as “max fluidity being out in front of business risks and opportunities with optimal actions and decisions.” In the workplace, he describes the tool that drives max fluidity as “Adaptive HCM.”

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