deal architect Guest Podcast: Burning Platform – Insights from Fall 2023 Industry Events

For this 104rd  episode of Burning Platform, Vinnie Mirchandani host Pete Tiliakos of 3Sixty Insights and Jon Reed of Diginomica. He invited them both as we approach the end of Fall slate of Industry Events to get a distillation of perspectives from 25 or so events the three of them were privileged to be part of.

It is a rapid-fire 40 minutes and they broadly go over 5 topics. As smart analysts are prone to do, they have strong opinions, they disagree on several points, and take off on some tangents including one on the potential global scenario of “de-dollarization” starting around 31.00

The first section summarizes their “sentiment” and the attendee vibe they picked up from the events. Vendor AR and event managers will get some good, if contradictory, nuggets from this segment

Starting at around 9.15 they discuss the barrage of Generative AI coverage at most of the events. Lots of use cases and other angles here you may not have previously considered

Starting at around 18.50 they ask whether vendors are too focused on AI and not enough on transactional, vertical, localization and other customer needs including what Pete calls “blocking and tackling”

Around 27.20 they discuss economics of software projects. It is a timely discussion because there are expectations of premium AI pricing in the midst of the reality that IT budgets are under macroeconomic pressures. BTW, Vinnie’s episode with Geoff Scott, CEO of ASUG earlier this week also covered the economic angle extensively with a focus on the SAP customer base.

At 34.00 they have a broader conversation around automation and future of work, beyond AI and RPA technology.

Very insightful – no wonder both Pete and Jon are repeat guests on Vinnie’s episodes.

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