Council Guest Post: Is it Time For Payroll to Make its Own Table?

The following is the first in a series of micro-blogs, guest authored by Annemarie Verwaaijen, MSc, MBA, Vice President, Global Head of Pay Services for S&P Global, and a 3Sixty Insights Executive Council member. 

Is it Time For Payroll to Make its Own Table?

I read a statement this morning: “I am not waiting to get a seat at the table; I am building my own table.”

I commented as I believe that is a very powerful statement. But it keeps popping up in my mind.

Over the last few years, but even last week at the Paymaker conference from Cloudpay, people ask the question of how to get a seat at the table.

I wonder, did we go about it all wrong? Why are we not building the table?

When you build a table, there are multiple steps in the process. Cutting the wood and seeing how the pieces fit together. You need glue, a saw, a hammer, and many more tools. But all these tools and wooden parts tell the story of how the table is made.

The same is true for payroll.

You have a story to tell. A story of how you are performing, your strategic journey, your initiatives, and how you are involved in other projects.

So, build your own table by starting to tell your story.

Schedule time with people you believe need to know about your story. One story at the time. Take initiative. But, if you do this, do not make it a complaining session about the “red button” or how payroll is not seen; rather, make it about the initiative, make it about how you are changing the landscape. Make it about you building the table.

I am happy to connect and provide guidance if you are looking for somebody to brainstorm with, and so is Angela Wagner. In fact, this is the beauty of the payroll community; I am sure all payroll professionals are willing to brainstorm and listen/provide feedback.

As I commented on that specific post, I hope you build a solid oak table that is so heavy it can never be moved again!

Stay tuned for part 2, where I discuss how to build the table. I’d also love to connect and hear your story and how you are building your table. 

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