Case Study: New CHRO Delivers Business Transformation to City of Memphis with Oracle HCM Cloud

City of Memphis - Oracle HCM CloudHR is often seen, across industries and sectors, as a cost center to contain rather than a resource. A long-held psychological bias says that business should be about numbers, and taken at face value, the numbers indicate quite clearly that HR generates no revenue and therefore provides poor ROI. This is, of course, a gross over-simplification, as anyone who’s tried to run a business without properly caring for employees will know.

Because of this misconception, HR departments often lag behind others when it comes to investing in company assets. Dealing with aging or obsolete tech, HR heads struggle to provide the internal customer service their position mandates, resulting in lost dollars and damaged morale. Payroll problems alone can be costly: if payroll isn’t integrated (either well or at all) with the rest of the system, or if it requires onerous manual workarounds to run, it can be a significant source of productivity loss as well as opportunity cost. Implementing a solution, though, requires stakeholder buy-in that can be tough to secure. Converting from on-premises functions to a cloud solution often feels like a big leap and encounters resistance.

3Sixty Insights wrote this report with the intent of helping organizations understand the importance of investing in effective solutions. A solution in one division, particularly one that touches so many others, as HR does, can create ripple effects that culminate in sweeping positive impact. Complete the form below to access the full case study.

3Sixty Insights also recently interviewed Alex as part of our #HRTechChat series, you can view the interview here:3Sixty Insights #HRTechChat with Alex Smith, CHRO, City of Memphis.

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