3Sixty Insights Monthly Recap | November 2021

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3Sixty Insights #HRTechChat: Informing Artificial Intelligence

It’s a critical time in the early stages of artificial intelligence’s development—not only for the future of work, but also for the future, period. To discuss this, Mike Bollinger, vice president of strategic initiatives at Cornerstone OnDemand, and Mike Erlin, CEO and co-founder of AbilityMap—both members of our Global Executive Advisory Council—joined 3Sixty Insights Co-Founder Brent Skinner for this episode of the #HRTechChat video podcast. Lasting AI-related implications for humankind are in store. AI’s impact on our daily work and non-work lives will seem either positive, desirable and human or the opposite, and it all hinges on how well we inform AI right now with as much human perspective as possible.

3Sixty Insights #HRTechChat with Mimi Brooks, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Logical Design Solutions

Your organization has completed a digital transformation. But the organizational transformation you hoped would naturally follow has not materialized. Why? What happened? Mimi Brooks, founder and CEO of Logical Design Solutions (LDS), joined the 3Sixty Insights #HRTechChat video podcast to discuss this and the role COVID-19 has played in the relationship between digital and organizational transformation.

3Sixty Insights #HRTechChat with Adriana DiNenno of Infor

Adriana DiNenno of Infor was Brent Skinner’s guest for this episode of 3Sixty Insights’ #HRTechChat video podcast to discuss her dual role at the vendor. As product manager of Infor People Solutions, she plays a leading role in informing the development of Infor’s solutions for talent in the workforce. She also helped found and co-chairs Infor People Wellbeing, an internal group focused on — as the name implies — supporting positive employee sentiment there. Adriana and Brent enjoyed exploring the intriguing intersections between her work focus and abstract and concrete HCM.

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HR Tech Alliances | December Virtual Collaboration Zone – HR Buyers Suppliers Showcase – December 8th 2021

Join the 3Sixty Insights team as we join executives from top suppliers of HR Buyer at HR Tech Alliances upcoming HR Buyer Suppliers Showcase, a virtual collaboration zone being held December 8th 2021. During this event, you’ll be able to meet with executives from top suppliers of HR buyers via Service Briefings, Q&A and Roundtable sessions, learning about how they are driving quality leads in 2022, their offerings, and client success stories.

To learn more or receive access complements of 3Sixty Insights ($200 value), you can visit their website here: HR Tech Alliances | December Virtual Collaboration Zone – HR Buyers Suppliers Showcase – December 8th 2021

Recent Articles:

Asset HR Blog Article: isolved (+ Asset HR) is the perfect HCM solution – but don’t just take our word for it

It’s no secret that at Asset HR, we’re big fans of the isolved platform as the go-to enterprise HR backend for our clients – we were, after all, just named the 2021 isolved Advocate of the Year. But we want you to know that it’s not just our team and clients that love the isolved system, it’s also one of the top ranked human capital management systems on the market to support your business.

In a recent case study, 3Sixty Insights took a closer look at the dynamic human capital management system known as isolved. At the conclusion of the study, the researchers at 3Sixty offered extremely high praise for the innovative HCM platform.

The isolved platform is a true game-changer. It can revolutionize the way that organizations manage and interact with their most important asset: human capital. When leveraged to its full potential, the isolved HCM can improve morale and culture across an entire organization.

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