Your Employees and their Final Frontiers

At the dawn of the space age everyone was in it together. Fear may have been there at first, but good vibes were, too, and eventually took over. Even at the Cold War’s height, most every culture on Earth found camaraderie in cheering on these brave, revered humans as they succeeded in their endeavor to leave this earthly plain and touch the hand of God—or reach the Moon, at least.

It’s been a group effort so far for homo sapiens to escape Earth’s gravitational force and enter space, the final frontier. And there’s a metaphor here for employer culture, and it bears on employee flight risk.

An employee might escape your organization’s gravitational force because you are a nurturing mentor and great employer. The next logical step is for him to populate another world—i.e., another employer. Or, an alum may leave your world to form another company or become CEO at a noncompeting firm. Voila! Your footprint and hers expand, and both worlds win. Continue reading here: Your Employees and their Final Frontiers

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