theHRDIRECTOR – We Must Expand our Understanding of what Automation Means

Whether AI will ever get to the point where it wants to, and can, replace us in doing the things we like to do is a question for Elon Musk. In advisedly, we may tackle the topic here at some point. In the meantime, let’s return to relatively straightforward subject matter: predicting the future of work….

A Recap of the Future of Work

  • AI’s future role in decision-making related to the workforce will spur the future demise of the role of traditional manager, a persistent relic of an eventual past when humans made decisions based on their limited, analogue understandings of what works in building teams in the workplace. So too will AI precipitate the death of annual reviews and even the notion that it should be people who evaluate people.
  • Similar forces promise the extinction of job titles. The pace of business will accelerate to the point that we may retain these monikers as signs of merit or signposts that help us understand what each other does, but they’ll fall far short of describing our increasingly fluid, variable day-to-day work.
  • Blockchain technology will bring a fundamental power shift to talent acquisition. Innovations here will empower individuals with a continuously updating, always current version of their curricula vitae (for AI assistants to share), thus hastening the obsolescence of the resume, and, possibly, background-checking as a business model.
    What we haven’t discussed yet is the role psychometric instruments need to play for this entirely possible vision of the future of work to come to pass — because this vision is anything but a foregone conclusion.

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