The Top 3 Thought Bubbles Popping Over My Head at #SHRM19

As always, the fireworks popping over our heads this Fourth of July were marvelous to behold. As for the week before that, the content at #SHRM19 was similarly crackling. While there, my fellow attendees might have been forgiven for swearing they saw the following three cartoonish light bulb–containing thought bubbles actually popping over my head…

  1. Getting Zen about Compliance

Sorry to get deep—with all the compliance-related presentations at #SHRM19, it’s clear: We want to minimize the risks of compliance. We must, lest we incur fines and damage to our brands. This is why we must “get Zen” about compliance. Compliance is a way of life. Once we think we’ve finished complying, we’ll be finished for sure—as in, “toast.” As we willingly submit to the never-ending flow, we no longer bemoan the need to comply, but embrace compliance for the journey. The goal is to manage the compliance process well and always. Continue reading here: The Top 3 Thought Bubbles Popping Over My Head at #SHRM19

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