Research Note: Enterprise Customers of SumTotal Share How Learning Supports Their Return-to-Work Strategies

3Sixty Insights - Research Note - Customers of SumTotal Share How Learning Supports Their Return-to-WorkFor this investigation, 3Sixty Insights spoke with several enterprise-size customers of SumTotal. Specifically, these global organizations are users of the vendor’s learning management platform. The following pages focus on their strategies and tactics in supporting learning in general and a return to work specifically. Each has solved for significant challenges in protecting the employee experience and preserving productivity as the world of work moved through the initial stages of a pandemic that rattled these concepts to their core.

What You Need to Know

Learning plays an enormous role in organizational stability. Whether it is for training, upskilling, reskilling and, ultimately, career pathing, an employer’s learning platform is often the best vehicle for an organization to set goals for its people or have an effective impact on overall internal culture—together among the fundamental factors impacting the employee experience. It’s certainly the sole efficient way to track compliance with the complex regulatory environment governing the employment of people. Over the past 19 months, meanwhile, the worldwide pandemic has exacerbated the always-pressing concerns around these same factors—training, compliance, upskilling, reskilling, and employer culture. During this time, naturally, organizations have leaned as heavily as ever on their learning management systems (LMS) and the content feeding these. This reliance has become acute, and related use LMSs methodical, as employers have navigated complicated scenarios to reestablish a semblance of normalcy as the world exits the onset of the pandemic. This pressure to innovate with regards to what being at work will look like long-term has produced or breathed new life into concepts such as re-onboarding, work-from-home (WFH), hybrid work, and more.

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