Research Agenda: Finance Research Practice H2 2021

3Sixty Insights Finance H2 2021 Research AgendaCompanies have benefitted from rapid deployment of cloud-based ERP. “Customization” once delayed legacy implementations, but now “Low/No Code” environments enable personalization and better adaptation to unique business requirements. As AI, IoT, and other acronym-rich trends increase the pace of change, rapid system updates and increased leverage of available capabilities become more and more valuable. Putting predictive, intelligent, and mobile capabilities into the hands of front-line resources will further increase the payoff. The Financials and ERP practice at 3Sixty Insights plans to explore these and other themes over the next 12 months:

  • Concrete vs. Abstract Finance: A New Way for Organizations to Look at ERP
  • Enterprise Structure vs Line-of-Business Initiatives: Achieving Balance in Location of Power
  • Suite vs Point Solutions vs Specialized Systems: Where Should Finance Draw their Lines?
  • By the Bottle or By the Glass? How Subscriptions Change Both Buyers and Sellers
  • Transformation via Integration: Technology Itself Can Change the Scope and Value of ERP
  • Personalization—Low/No Code Systems and Mobile Tech Changes Who Uses ERP and How

View and download the full agenda here: 3Sixty Insights – H2 2021 Finance Practice Research Agenda Update

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