Market Alert: UKG Raises the Bar for HCM Market by Acquiring Great Place to Work Institute, Inc. with Promise to Help Build Better Workplaces for All

UKG Market Alert - Great Place to Work AcquisitionWhat Happened

In September 2021, UKG (Ultimate Kronos Group) acquired Great Place to Work Institute, Inc. A pioneer in workplace culture, Great Place to Work was founded in 1990. More than 10,000 companies worldwide rely on the company’s software and insights. Great Place to Work will continue to operate as a standalone company under CEO Michael C. Bush. UKG plans to embed elements of Great Place to Work insights into UKG’s HCM solutions over the next few years for customers to enhance organizational health and give a greater voice to their employees.


Human resources became a distinct domain of the enterprise out of a necessity to manage the employment of people. First going by terms such as personnel administration, according to Wikipedia, HR had origins coinciding with a prevailing attitude in business that, at the time, viewed employees primarily as a cost to be contained. Attention to improving staff’s experience in the workplace was not a concern. Since, the concept of what’s important in managing the employment of people has expanded considerably. The fact that employees are an expense, and that associated costs should be contained wherever appropriate, remains. The term human capital management remains too. But attitudes toward employees and their value have changed. UKG refers to its own
employees and its customers’ employees as people, not staff or a workforce—which makes the vendor’s acquisition of Great Place to Work intuitive.

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