Market Alert: Hiretual Changes Name to hireEZ to Define and Lead New Market Segment in Talent Acquisition: Outbound Recruiting

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Hiretual has changed its name to hireEZ. The rebranding coincides with the closing of $26 million in venture capital in early February 2022. With the help of this financial backing, hireEZ, headquartered in Mountain View, Calif., is turning its attention to fortifying and expanding its technology for the practice of outbound recruiting, a new market segment the company is first-to-market to define.

Background and Factors at Play

Founded in 2015, the vendor has launched several forward-thinking technologies for talent acquisition in the years since. Developed around needs for candidate engagement, modern talent pipelines, AI-powered sourcing, integrations with most of the common applicant tracking systems (ATS), and more, these innovations have intuitively led to the company’s rebranding.

Outbound Recruiting

The new focus, outbound recruiting, is a term that has arisen to describe an emerging philosophy and array of activities, made possible by facilitative, newer technologies. Recruiters “go out” and find right-fit candidates for current and future hiring needs. This is in contrast to older practices of inbound recruiting — i.e., conventional online recruiting. Hampered by technological limitations and the ethos these engendered, recruiters would wait to “take in” candidates who were looking for the hiring organization on their own.
With this rebrand, hireEZ has resolved to define outbound recruiting as a market segment, thus acknowledging the evolving paradigm shift in talent acquisition. The latest impetus behind outbound recruiting says today’s job market makes it necessary for hiring organizations to go find and engage with the best talent for open job requisitions. Meanwhile, the idea behind outbound recruiting says the technology now available and in development make it possible to do this outreach easily and with a high degree of accuracy.

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