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LinkedIn – What Are the Benefits and Drawbacks of Internal vs. External Career Mobility?

Career mobility is the ability of employees to move within or across organizations, sectors, or locations. It can be internal, meaning within the same organization, or external, meaning outside the current organization. Both types of career mobility have benefits and drawbacks for employees and employers, depending on the context and goals of talent management. In this article, we will explore some of the advantages and disadvantages of internal and external career mobility, and how to balance them for optimal talent development and retention.

Internal Career Mobility

Internal career mobility refers to the movement of employees within the same organization, either horizontally or vertically. Horizontal mobility involves changing roles or functions at the same level, while vertical mobility involves moving up or down the hierarchy. Internal career mobility can benefit employees by providing them with opportunities to learn new skills, expand their network, and increase their motivation and engagement. It can also benefit employers by reducing turnover, enhancing organizational culture, and fostering innovation and collaboration. However, internal career mobility also has some drawbacks, such as creating gaps in knowledge or expertise, creating resentment or competition among peers, and limiting the diversity of perspectives and experiences.

  • One thing that I found helpful for supporting internal career mobility is having culture of organizational learning. This entails several cultural mindset shifts for leaders, such as: the ability to change policies, practices, and processes; the willingness to transfer critical knowledge inside the organization; have well supported process to challenge the status quo; and, the desire to experiment and continuously improve.  Jennifer Dole – Challenger of the Status Quo | HR Technology Industry Analyst | Digital HR Strategy Storyteller | Podcast Host

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