HR Tech Alliances Town Hall | Cornerstone’s Acquisition of EdCast with Brent Skinner of 3Sixty Insights

Brent Skinner, our co-founder and HCM practice lead, was recently the featured guest on HR Tech Alliances’ Weekly Town Hall. During his appearance, he shared his thoughts on the following:

  • This month’s acquisition of EdCast by Cornerstone brings many benefits to both vendors. The most significant benefit, however, is the one this acquisition, once complete, brings to the market itself: the industry’s first mature end-to-end future-of-work learning suite from a single vendor. Once again, we see that Cornerstone is a bona fide agile 800lbs gorilla in corporate learning, equipped with all the fixings that modern on-the-job learning and career development necessitate: AI, machine learning LXP, LMS, content, etc. Other solution providers in learning, even those who play just around its edges, must now figure out how to play or contend with Cornerstone. See our related Market Alert.
  • Some organizations value the employee experience so much that they name entire divisions of their HR departments after the term. Such is the case with the global high technology company profiled in an analyst insight we published earlier this year. With the deployment of software from ServiceNow, the employer managed to transform a complex HR ticketing process—and, as a result, significantly bolster the employee experience and streamline HR’s associated workload.

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