Hobbits, Jedis, Fealty and the World of Work: #TChat Recap

Who passes up an opportunity to use the word fealty outside the context of medieval fantasies or galaxies far, far away? Frodo is engaged in his work; so is Luke Skywalker. And, inspired by their leaders, they become leaders themselves.

Strong leaders beget strong leaders—and loyalty and engagement and trust. Think Yoda. Think Obi-Wan Kenobi. Think Gandalf. It’s the way of the hobbit, of the Jedi, of the wizard, of the force, of Middle Earth—and of the world of work.

It’s Not You, It’s Me

Who believes that one? To believe the line is to believe the white lie, and the organization whose former employees give this response when asked why they left, ought to know it’s its own fault sometimes, its former employees’ fault other times, and most of the time both sides’ fault. The wisdom comes in knowing which is which and whether or not the leadership is strong or lacking. Is it or is it? No matter how many sides are responsible, however, finding fault achieves little to ensure loyalty among and between those still there and those who will be there later. Continue reading here: Hobbits, Jedis, Fealty and the World of Work: #TChat Recap

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