Engagedly’s People Strategy For The #FutureOfWork | January 19th, 2023

Engagedly - People Strategy For The FutureOfWork - BannerJoin 3Sixty Insights’ Jennifer Dole and other fantastic industry experts for Engagedly’s People Strategy For The #FutureOfWork Virtual Conference Thursday, January 19th, 2023.

Session Summary:

3Sixty Insights, a leading HR and HR Technology advisory firm has extensive experience in doing research with different organizations around the world in the area of Work Tech. Analyst Jennifer Dole from 3 Sixty Insights will present their research results on the impact Engagedly has had on leading organizations, with the right strategy to improve overall Employee Experience and Productivity.

A natural companion to an Anatomy of a Decision™ that 3Sixty Insights published about Engagedly last year, this research note provides readers with a framework to evaluate the holistic value gained from using the full suite of Engagedly offerings (3Sixty Insights 3SIAD21102 – “Engagedly Helps Customers Provide and Manage Modern, Positive Employee Experience,” October 2021). Readers will get a full picture of how much potential lurks for their own organizations where they too, to deploy Engagedly.

As a future of work very much unlike the past of work continues to take hold, and as organizations continue to grapple with the implications of having dispersed, remote workforces, the onus will be on HR teams to continue to develop and adapt to these and other new working paradigms. Employees continue to have options, and the talent and skills crisis puts many of them in a fortunate position. Companies must figure out how they can attract talent in these circumstances and simultaneously resolve attendant challenges in talent management. Key to their success will lie in the HCM platform and its capabilities in producing greater engagement, connection, and alignment between employees, their careers, their managers, and the organization itself. People want that strong, unshakeable partnership, one that promotes, encourages, and supports development, recognition, reward, and belongingness. Engagedly delivers and executes on all of this.

To register or learn more about the conference you can visit Engagedly’s site here: People Strategy For The #FutureOfWork

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