Case Study: Crescent Community Health Center Sees Significant Efficiencies in Implementing and Expanding its isolved Deployment

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Part-and-parcel of any HR function is, usually, a daunting volume of pressing administration and attendant risk mitigation necessary to managing the employment of people. If an HR department ever manages to lessen these activities’ tendency to monopolize practitioners’ day-to-day workload, the department’s leaders can begin to turn their focus to strategic concerns—namely, helping to ensure positive employee sentiment, the key ingredient driving improvements in the retention of employees, greater employee engagement and productivity, and more. Furthermore, smaller businesses stand much to gain from moving into modern software for human capital management—away from the low-tech or no-tech circumstances in which most of them begin their journey in HR (3Sixty Insights 3SICS21122 – Central Minnesotan Kensington Bank Reports Success in Implementing and Expanding isolved via Partnership with AssetHR, December 2021).

About Crescent Community Health Center

Crescent Community Health Center (CCHC) is, as the name implies, a health center. Founded in October 2006, CCHC serves 27 counties surrounding the organization’s headquarters in Dubuque, Iowa. “Our business model is that of Federally Qualified Health Center,” says Mary Kay Kirgis, human resources generalist at CCHC. As an FQHC, CCHC supplements its federal grant funding with significant sources of individual charitable donations and 340B pharmacy revenues. “We provide medical, dental, brain health and quick-care services to anyone in the community regardless of their ability to pay. Self-pay patients are seen on a sliding fee scale. It’s based on patients’ income relative to the Federal Poverty Level and family size, which determines how much they pay.”
As a generalist, Kirgis does “a little bit of everything. I do recruiting. I do benefits administration. I do all the general HR work we need,” which can also include employee manuals, policy preparation, credentialing, licensing, and privileging of all CCHC’s providers and patient-facing staff.
To this last point, the work is continually increasing. CCHC is growing due to increasing demand for services, as the number of patients at or below the federal poverty line is also growing in the organization’s service area. Soon after she became a member of staff, the company surpassed 100 in personnel. In late October 2021, when 3Sixty Insights conducted the research for this report, CCHC had 112 employees and, according to Kirgis, was expecting to reach 118 by the end of the following month. Fueled by demand for CCHC’s affordable model, “our rapid growth is requiring us to get our administrative legs under us,” she says. CCHC reports an experience that underscores isolved deployments’ ability to help small businesses bring order to the wide breadth of administrative and employee tasks processed in HR.

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