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Research Abstract: Building a Resilient Future of Work – The Crucial Role of Technology in Promoting Employee Career Resilience

We at 3Sixty Insights are committed to understanding how technology is shaping the future of work and how it is promoting employee career resilience. We believe that HR technology vendors like yourselves play a crucial role in this process. We are inviting you to brief us on how your technology solutions are helping to build the future of work by promoting employee career resilience. We are interested in learning about the benefits of your technology in helping employees adapt to change and how it provides access to on-demand coaching and development resources. We also want to hear about how your technology fosters a sense of community and support through technology. We believe that balancing digital solutions with face-to-face interactions is critical to ensuring that employees’ […]

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Council Guest Post: Connecting Technology and Growth – The Top Three Ways AI Can Help Improve Leadership in Your Company

If you are like most HR leaders, you are always looking for new ways to improve your team’s performance. And if you are not already taking advantage of HR technology, now is the time to start. In this blog post, we will discuss three ways that AI can help improve leadership in your company. Keep reading to learn more. We are living in the Golden Age of HR Technology. There are hundreds of Artificial Intelligence enabled HR Tech companies focused on various touchpoints of the employee experience and investors have poured billions of dollars into these companies. Gone are the days of waiting for your HRM to innovate at the speed of your changing needs. HR Leaders must start thinking of themselves as HR Technologists. […]

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