Anatomy of a Decision: Family Service Rochester Elects to Partner With AssetHR and Implement isolved

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Many industries have struggled during the COVID-19 pandemic: supply chain issues, the Great Resignation, and ongoing shifts between remote and on-site work have plagued the majority of companies in nearly every field. The healthcare industry has had it worse than most. There are simply not enough qualified medical professionals to meet the global need. Ironically, just as work-life balance is gaining broad acceptance as a critical element of mental health, it has become nearly impossible for anyone working in healthcare to attain.

With rampant burnout industry-wide, healthcare organizations are struggling with retention, and even the most well-intentioned are hard-pressed to improve the employee experiences they’re able to provide in the circumstances. A recent study conducted by isolved found that 36 percent of human resources leaders in the medical and healthcare fields believe that the employee experience their organizations offer is poor. Much of the burden has fallen to human resources contributors to mitigate as well as they can.

In this report, 3Sixty Insights documents the journey of an HR team as it reached the conclusion that it needed modern technology for human capital management. Partnering with AssetHR, the employer has turned to isolved. Supporting a healthcare non-profit already maintaining a retention rate well above the industry average, this team is confident that its decision will eliminate many inefficiencies and further improve retention and the employee experience.

About the Participant

3Sixty Insights spoke with Cindy LeFebre-Westendorf, director of human resources at Family Service Rochester. Prior to joining Family Service Rochester in August 2021, LeFebre-Westendorf was director of human resources for 12 years at an Iowa agency where AssetHR helped her to implement and deploy isolved previously.

Family Service Rochester is a Minnesota nonprofit organization that provides community-based child welfare, family stability, mental health, and senior independence services. Founded in 1965 with a staff of just three people, the organization now operates out of two offices on an $11 million budget, provides more than 40 programs, and serves four to five hundred families a year across 11 counties. Family Service Rochester currently employs approximately 150 staff members, the majority of whom are social workers and therapists. About 15 percent of the organization’s employees work in administrative and support roles. The HR team consists of LeFebre-Westendorf and an administrative assistant.

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