Analyst Insight: Strategizing for High-Volume Hiring Success

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Many larger organizations with customer service and support roles are in the practice of hiring hundreds or even thousands of positions a year – even more for those with high-volume seasonal needs such as retail, warehouse and delivery services. Other industries also prone to high-volume hiring needs, such as healthcare and commercial air travel, are constantly fighting the competition for in-demand, highly specialized talent. But traditional hiring practices for high-volume hiring can add unnecessary steps to the application and screening processes for roles that may only have basic candidate prerequisites, while the sheer volume of applicants could clog candidate review and interview processes. In addition, a lengthy time-to-offer may mean missing out on candidates who are applying to multiple companies for a variety of, and multiple, roles. How can your organization better prepare for a smooth journey from “hello” to hired and be sure you’re finding and securing the best fit in any role?

Managing the cost of today’s talent acquisition has become a bottom-line challenge in several industries. Companies can build a high-volume hiring strategy that complements, rather than competes with, existing talent acquisition processes. This analyst insight is the result of discussions between 3Sixty Insights and Phenom vis-à-vis the strategies that organizations would be wise to consider and implement in advance of embarking on high-volume hiring campaigns. A dedicated strategy to adjust high-volume and seasonal hiring can help companies fill roles faster, meet staffing targets to support daily business, and create the conditions that enable skilled recruiters to focus on successful candidate engagement rather than repetitive administrative tasks. Furthermore, advances in, for example, artificial intelligence can make a meaningful, measurable difference for the better and transform high-volume hiring processes into effective, efficient campaigns (3Sixty Insights 3SIAG2214 – “The 3Sixty Insights Human Capital Management Themes for 2022,” January 2022).

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