Larry McAlister | The Corporate Humanist Consultancy

Larry McAlister - Headshot#1 International Bestselling author of The Power to Transform: A Field Guide to Building a Human-Centered, Tech-Enabled Work Culture. Having led HR and Talent at five tech-focused, fast-growing, including three Bay Area Fortune 500 companies—each with at least $1B in global revenue and at least 3,000 – 12,000 employees worldwide—his current passion is to bring decades of change management insights to growth-minded business leaders at this pivotal point in career management and leadership development history. Individual companies, such as at NetApp, are now well-poised to build their own internal talent marketplaces while ensuring the people and business strategies are in good alignment.

Larry currently runs the Corporate Humanist Consultancy (CHC): advising on tech-based products-in-development and helping CHROs and growth-minded leaders build cohesive (and transformative) talent strategies, coupled with HR technology, to drive transformation.

He served as product advisor for three HR Tech companies. With resilience and curiosity, there’s nothing that can’t be accomplished together. You’ve got this. He lives in Northern California his wife, and two adult children nearby.




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