3Sixty Insights #HRTechChat with Michael Haske of Paylocity

Welcome to 3Sixty Insights’ latest #HRTechChat. Last week, Michael Haske, president and chief operating officer of Paylocity, joined us for a wide-ranging conversation. Following is a taste of the ideas we discussed:

  • How you could replace the “versus” in concrete versus abstract HCM with “and”—and how this parlays nicely with what Paylocity refers to as “tactical” and “strategic” HCM
  • How tactical/concrete and strategic/abstract HCM are both incredibly important to organizational success
  • How most aspects of HCM are, in fact, both tactical/concrete and strategic/abstract simultaneously—think of a Venn Diagram with most of the two circles overlapping
  • How C-suites are really beginning to come around and take strategic (and abstract) HCM seriously
  • How Michael sees the shift as not only situational (e.g., the pandemic), but also generational: younger people are basically wrestling our notions of the value and meaning of business to society into a more progressive place, but without necessarily dispensing with the traditional
  • How more people are getting into HR for the value it can bring to the table, beyond being a cost center—and how this caliber of HR person brings a level of sophistication to the organization and can become a leader’s trusted advisor in ways we just didn’t think about years ago
  • How all this, especially as we exit the other end of the “COVID wormhole,” is awakening the C-suite’s right brain—the creative, people-focused interests and aspirations of C-level executives