3Sixty Insights #HRTechChat with Jeanniey Walden, Chief Innovation and Marketing Officer of DailyPay

3Sixty Insights welcomed Jeanniey Walden, chief innovation and marketing officer of DailyPay, Inc., to the latest episode of #HRTechChat, where we explored the idea that the act of paying employees is much more than the operational aspects of running payroll. Any employer that solves frustrations related to pay can be exceptionally effective in influencing employees’ feelings and, related, their motivation to be productive. Following are a few of the interesting ideas we covered during our illuminating conversation:

  • The exchange of physical or mental energy for pay is arguably the single most important aspect of employment.
  • Even so, employees have for years experimented or interacted with pay very little on a daily basis. Limitations of technology have been the largest impediment.
  • Mobile technology and social media have played a key role in catalyzing an expansion of our attitudes toward pay — and can make getting paid a sharing experience not unlike getting coffee. (Jeanniey explains….)
  • Put differently, pay can be much, much more than a number to set and forget, more than an event that takes place in the background every one or two weeks.
  • Pay can and should also be an experience, and a good place to start making pay more than a number is to make the receiving of it as flexible as possible.
  • There is very little excuse today, with the state of technology, for the operational aspects of pay to be rigid.
  • COVID-19 has helped show just how much flexibility is necessary in pay.
  • The focus of regulations today in the realm of pay is mostly on more concrete aspects of it, and that is because society prioritizes the idea of getting paid on time.
  • It will be interesting when and whether regulatory bodies decide that humans are entitled to more abstract aspects of employment in pay and elsewhere.
  • Everyone is always fighting extinction or moving forward; this relates profoundly and inescapably to pay.

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