3Sixty Insights #HRTechChat​ with Lilith Christiansen, Chief Strategy and Product Officer of SilkRoad

Welcome to 3Sixty Insights’ latest #HRTechChat. SilkRoad Technology Chief Strategy and Product Officer Lilith Christiansen current vendor member of 3Sixty Global Executive Advisory Council joined us this week to discuss just how profoundly COVID-19 has affected the workforce and influenced philosophies moving forward around how we manage people and the direction of technology for human capital management. The idea that this pandemic has changed HCM is a well-worn trope, sure, but Lilith and I dug just a little bit deeper. Here’s a sampling of the ideas we explored:

  • Why it’s OK to use cliches in describing the profound nature of the before and after of 2020
  • How plans for extreme emergencies such as hurricanes or forest fires could have been a benefit last year to organizations struggling to adjust rapidly to massive disruption attributable to COVID-19
  • How the concept of employee experience and the related best-practices themselves shatters partitions separating the conventional silos of talent management
  • What it is that makes human resources and internal employee communications such a natural fit, why they originally evolved separately, and how they merged this year (because of the pandemic)
  • How communication technology supporting HCM can at once be as readily accessible and unintrusive as possible
  • How natural language processing in a learning management system might help curate and deliver content to groups of employees in real time for their urgent in-the-moment needs
  • How onboarding isn’t just about external hiring in the emerging post-pandemic future of work
  • Why onboarding has evolved and matured to apply to all the major milestones across the entire individual employee’s experience
  • Why the action of onboarding encompasses far more than compliance — for example, incorporating in-the-moment learning
  • Why onboarding might not even be the best term for onboarding anymore
  • What an even better term might be for employee experience

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