The Importance of Customer Support to Keep a Business Financially Viable

Importance of Customer Service ThumbnailWe recently wrote about the importance of delivery in keeping businesses afloat, arguing that maintaining your current customer base is in many ways even more important than winning new business. After all, you have already put in the work to win your clients over, and if you disappoint them now, you risk losing them. While your leads represent potential, your customers represent an investment you have already made. Maintaining the good will of your current customer base should always be your top priority, and support is a critical component of customer satisfaction.

We have seen many organizations prioritizing outsourcing and automation in recent years, and we agree, efficiency is great—unless it comes at the cost of customer support. As customers of other organizations ourselves, we all know that there is nothing more frustrating than automation gone wrong. Dealing with automated operators can quickly become a special kind of hell: painstakingly entering your information to “confirm your account” only to have a customer service rep ask you for that very same information the minute they pick up, getting transferred to someone else who requests the very same information, or worse, being accidentally disconnected during the transfer process and having to navigate the system all over again.

Unfortunately, this situation is all too familiar, and it’s growing more and more common as businesses aim to cut costs and reduce their representatives’ call times through automation. When those perceived savings sacrifice customer support, they actually come at a huge cost: brand reputation, which has an immeasurable impact on your business. In competitive industries, reputation is the crucial differentiator which sets you apart from your customers’ many other options. A consumer faced with enough frustration will simply find an alternate provider, leaving the original provider unaware of the reason for the departure and unable to learn from its mistakes. Furthermore, abundant social media and online forums provide angry ex-customers a ready outlet to share their experiences. One unhappy customer can nuke a business’s reputation in far less time than it took to build, undoing years of careful reputation management in one fell swoop.

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