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Safeguard Global’s ChatSG Aims to Become the Employment Interface to The World

This past week global workforce solutions provider Safeguard Global announced the launch of ChatSG. A generative AI solution powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT and the latest Safeguard Global innovation aimed at easing the challenges of compliant global HR and employment by empowering leaders with workforce insights to enable data-driven decision-making.

Through ChatSG, which is currently open and accessible to all, registered users are provided a natural language processing (NLP) enabled conversational interface for sourcing answers to compliance and employment-related queries across more than 70 countries (with more on the roadmap) and available through prompts in 40 languages.

In my research of global payroll, employer of record (EoR), and HCM solutions, compliance generally places at the top of buyer feedback as a key driver of solution selection and a top challenge buyers seek to solve. With generative AI capabilities quickly making their way to HCM marketplace technology, nowhere is it more essential and needed than in payroll specifically, where compliance demands remain an increasingly complex burden for practitioners and critical to risk avoidance.

My ChatSG Experience

After a quick sign-up, I gained access to ChatSG. I put the new generative AI solution to a small test to answer my burning compliance questions regarding employment in…none other than my favorite country…Greece.

I asked ChatSG to help me understand six compliance-related questions to support compliantly hiring a worker in The Hellenic Republic, including:

  • Do workers require an employment contract?

  • Is IR 35 applicable for employment contracts?

  • How many hours can a worker perform in a standard workweek?

  • What payments or benefits are required beyond hourly pay?

  • What are the annual leave requirements for full-time workers?

  • Can I terminate an employee for any reason?

ChatSG fired back with immediate, detailed answers to my inquiries each time. ChatSG doesn’t simply pull from basic content available on the internet. Instead, it leverages Safeguard Global’s proprietary dataset and knowledge base of compliance insights for 170 countries, which is currently integrated with all of Safeguard Global’s solutions and accessible to its global client base as a standard resource.

The Vision and Future of ChatSG

I spent some time talking with Safeguard Global’s Chief Guardian, Bjorn Reynolds, about his vision and the future of ChatSG and how he sees generative AI shaping the global employment process and experience.

First up for ChatSG will be expanding the sets of countries it serves and deepening the compliance content and insights available to Safeguard Global’s full breadth of expertise across 170 countries. Safeguard Global is also keen to work with its user community to fine-tune the solution around common, emerging, and unique global employment use cases.

Near term, the solution has immense potential in leveraging Safeguard Global’s rich data set across 170 countries and more than fifteen years of global employment and payroll data for surfacing insights and benchmarks in concert with compliance guidance, among other generative capabilities.

Longer term, Safeguard Global sees ChatSG as a real game changer for business and HR leaders and envisions ChatSG as “the interface to the world.” With both employer and employee accessing real-time guidance around local employment decisions and employees finding answers to key HR policies and procedures in context with country regulations.

Safeguard Global’s ultimate vision for ChatSG is to become the conversational user interface to HR and, longer term, the UI for all things global employment.

The Outlook for Generative AI and ChatSG

Long mired in manual effort and faulted for not adding enough strategic value to their respective organizations, generative AI is an absolute blessing for global HR and payroll practitioners and operations. The speed at which the technology can sort through and surface information to users will be incredibly impactful, particularly in compliance where laws are complex, country and locality specific, constantly evolving, and increasingly more impactful in terms of risk.

Further, the profound augmentation capability of AI is the relief practitioners and leaders have needed for far too long. Augmentation like straight-through machine-enabled process automation for touchless payroll, audit, and anomaly detection for precision accuracy, timeliness, compliance, reporting, and insights to drive impactful outcomes. More importantly, surfacing nudges to practitioners and employees along their respective journeys to ensure data-driven decision-making at the point of need and connect the dots to help users seemingly “see around the next corner” through predictive and prescriptive capabilities.

ChatSG’s capability enhances Safeguard Global’s already proven global employment platform infrastructure of technology and expertise and activates its rich data set, putting it in the hands of its client leaders and practitioners. With a compliant global employment platform and operating model essential to enabling organizational agility, competitive advantage, and strategic growth, Safeguard Global is doubling down on ChatSG to empower employers and employees to unlock each.

What excites me most about the potential for ChatSG is the generative capability which is quickly evolving beyond conversational chat and data surfacing. Imagine a convergence of client data, compliance regulations, guidance, benchmarking insights, and business processes all working in concert to support identifying, hiring, onboarding, and paying a global workforce compliantly with speed and at scale.

The use cases are endless. I can imagine HR leaders leveraging the technology to research a location or, more importantly, the best-fit location for the organizational talent and strategic needs and modeling costs and benchmarks for key decision-making for each. Leveraging ChatSG to help with compliant contract writing and posting roles or identifying talent, scheduling interviews, and surfacing best-fit skills to find the right resources, at the right time, all on demand and through a conversational UI.

Take that a step further and imagine a worker being onboarded with the help of generative AI capability, leveraging policy, compliance, and employee requirements to personalize the experience in context with their unique needs. Ordering equipment, booking travel, or helping employees find answers to standard and advanced employment questions, from simple PTO requests to more complex leaves of absence needs or front-line managerial decision-making.

Ultimately ChatSG and generative AI are poised to offer organizations two elusive and sought-after outcomes for today’s employer: productivity and agility – each incredibly important for competing in the modern marketplace, for both talent and new business and increasingly critical to facilitating improved strategic outcomes.

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