Research Note: How Small and Medium-Sized Companies Can be Empowered to Excel at Human Capital Management

How Small and Medium-Sized Companies Can be Empowered to Excel at Human Capital ManagementWhat You Need to Know

Small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) tend to have different needs and requirements than large businesses — as well as different challenges. With typically under 1,000 employees and sometimes no more than a few dozen, constraints on both staff time and budgets in smaller organizations can create barriers to competing against larger enterprises for acquiring and retaining top talent. To help SMBs compete for the best, their system for human capital management (HCM) must harness the ability to deliver efficiencies, provide data-driven results and equip the teams using them to create the best possible employee experience.

In this vein, 3Sixty Insights has examined delivering solutions for some of the biggest challenges that HR people face today and expect in the future. This is the decade of the talent-led business, and new expectations are defining today’s employer-employee dynamic. The days of employment neatly dividing into either a candidate’s market, where applicants have the upper hand on choosing where they would like to work, and an employer’s market, where the organization has that upper hand, are over. 3Sixty Insights believes the world has moved on from that absolute to a blend of both situations, and we expect the trends of combining employers’ and candidates’ markets to persist indefinitely as HR drives new approaches to thinking about what people want from work and how organizations can meet needs while resolving their own by finding the best talent for each role.

For a transparent view into what employees want, successful organizations must mature and deploy an HR, payroll, talent and benefits ecosystem that is efficient, responsive, data-driven and able to better engage employees and improve productivity. Conversations with customers of HCM solution provider isolved have helped 3Sixty Insights confirm one thing during this search: that together, technology and services solve HCM problems.

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