Market Alert: Paylocity Positions Itself Wisely with Blue Marble Global Payroll Acquisition

Paylocity Market Alert - Blue Marble AcquisitionWhat Happened

On Sept. 1, 2021, Paylocity, a vendor of software for human capital management, announced that it had acquired global payroll provider Blue Marble Global Payroll. By connecting its U.S.-based project managers to local payroll experts in more than 150 countries, Blue Marble helps its clients manage the pay of international employees according to their local conventions and regulations.


A necessity for many these days, remote work has also long been a popular employee perk. Enlightened employers hoping to create competitive work environments have perceived that offering flexibility on that front is one highly effective way to improve the employee experience, and in a competitive job market, the employee experience is critical. The best way to retain employees is to keep them from looking. The best way to do that is to ensure that they are happy where they are, and part of the solution is to facilitate and simplify global payroll.

Even before the spring of 2020, work was trending toward remote. In the months since, the pandemic has accelerated that trend significantly. Workplaces that could afford to go remote did so, and when it became clear that lockdowns would persist, many people chose to relocate, some even internationally. Meanwhile, many high-level executives at United States–headquartered employers, who were unable to further delay the travel demands of their roles, have found themselves facing onerous quarantine requirements—often in other countries. Even those companies that were determined to eschew remote work have been forced to adapt or suffer competitively. Only the HCM technology vendors that are able to accommodate the flexibility their clients now need can remain competitive in this era.

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