Market Alert: Paylocity Expands Its Suite of Services and Solutions

Market Alert: Paylocity Expands Its Suite of Services and Solutions What Happened

Last week, Paylocity, a leading cloud human capital management (HCM) and payroll software company, expanded its suite of services and solutions with the introduction of two new products. Employee Voice and Recognition & Rewards may both be broadly categorized as employee engagement offerings, but each meets a distinct and critical need for organizations aiming to attract and retain top talent and maintain a competitive edge with the modern workforce.


Employee Voice from Paylocity is designed to gather employee feedback and procure pertinent insights from it without extra work on the part of an organization’s HR team. Building on the vendor’s existing Surveys tool, Employee Voice automates the survey process to collect employee responses and collate them into functional, digestible dashboards and heatmaps. The proprietary engagement model on which the platform’s insights are based was developed in-house by Paylocity’s Data Science team; it applies scientific principles to the collected data to support managers and HR leaders in extracting key takeaways which can inform action plans—which can be built and tracked directly in the system.
Arguably even more directly impactful in driving employee engagement, retention, and productivity is Paylocity’s new Recognition & Rewards product, which provides a platform for acknowledgement and celebration, both important factors in building a strong employer culture. It enables both peer-to-peer and manager recognition for achievements and milestones in the form of both digital kudos such as “likes” and tangible cash rewards.

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