Case Study: SilkRoad Technology Engages with Cleveland Clinic to Implement and Support Custom Deployment of RedCarpet Onboarding

SilkRoad Cleveland Clinic Case StudyThanks in part to software-as-a-service enterprise software, the onboarding of new employees and contractors is easier than ever to manage. These solutions can be straightforward for users and proficient at handling what they’re built to solve. And it’s critical that they excel in these ways, as software companies need a solid foundation upon which to show that customers are receiving value. The cost-related and logistical barriers users face as they weigh their options are less burdensome than they were for organizations on the ever-present on-premises installations of the past, after all. Previously focusing efforts on closing new deals, safe in the knowledge that clients would not be up for another disruptive overhaul to their installation any time soon, vendors of software for human capital management and other areas of the enterprise now dedicate far more resources to managing the relationships they’ve established, ensuring that the current clients they’ve worked to secure have every reason and more to stay.

Customer success, or relationship-focused client management, is critical here. During and after implementation, a vendor’s relationship with the client is in the assigned representatives’ hands. Vendors must recognize that the client’s experience working with these representatives often leaves an indelible mark on the project’s outcome itself and goes further toward affecting the client’s sense of the outcome’s success than anything else might. Assuming all goes well, the executive-representative relationship will far outlast any implementation or other phase.

The following case study provides a recount of a deep collaboration between leadership at SilkRoad Technology and a resourceful manager at the client organization to solve a significant challenge in onboarding and forge a strong vendor-client relationship for the long term. In this example, SilkRoad embarked on a high-touch effort that ultimately succeeded in helping this large network of hospitals deploy a custom implementation of SilkRoad RedCarpet to eliminate productivity-sapping, labor-intensive manual administration related to the yearly onboarding of thousands of long-term contractors.

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