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SilkRoad Connections Virtual Conference – October 26th

Join 3Sixty Insights Co-Founder and Director & Principal Analyst Brent Skinner as he speaks at the upcoming SilkRoad Connections Virtual Conference set to take place October 26th. Register on the SilkRoad Connections Virtual Conference website here: View the agenda here: SilkRoad Connections Virtual Conference Agenda

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Case Study: SilkRoad Technology Engages with Cleveland Clinic to Implement and Support Custom Deployment of RedCarpet Onboarding

Thanks in part to software-as-a-service enterprise software, the onboarding of new employees and contractors is easier than ever to manage. These solutions can be straightforward for users and proficient at handling what they’re built to solve. And it’s critical that they excel in these ways, as software companies need a solid foundation upon which to show that customers are receiving value. The cost-related and logistical barriers users face as they weigh their options are less burdensome than they were for organizations on the ever-present on-premises installations of the past, after all. Previously focusing efforts on closing new deals, safe in the knowledge that clients would not be up for another disruptive overhaul to their installation any time soon, vendors of software for human capital management […]

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SilkRoad Technology’s Lilith Christiansen Joins 3Sixty Insights Global Executive Advisory Council

Chicago, Ill., March 25, 2020 – SilkRoad Technology, a global software and services platform that helps organizations attract, retain and align people to their business, announced Lilith Christiansen, Chief Strategy and Product Officer, has joined the 3Sixty Insights Global Executive Advisory Council. She joins product and business leaders across human capital management and finance and enterprise resource planning on the council. 3Sixty Insights is a research firm that provides organizations guidance on streamlining initiatives and perspectives across different business lines, from finance and executive management departments to IT and HR. “We are thrilled to welcome Lilith to the Council, as her deep knowledge and extensive background make her a great addition,” said Nicholas Biron, founder and chief executive officer of 3Sixty Insights. Continue reading the release here: SilkRoad […]

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The 3Sixty Insights Global Executive Advisory Council’s Membership Grows with Industry Leaders from Well-Known Enterprise Software Vendors

Boston, Mass. – March 18, 2021 – 3Sixty Insights is pleased to share the names of executives at enterprise software vendors who recently became members of its Global Executive Advisory Council. As they collaborate to identify the trends affecting them amidst a world of sea-change, members of the GEAC may become part of 3Sixty Insights’ research, participate in the benchmarking process, and explore best practices with peers. “With the Council, 3Sixty Insights wants to create dynamic opportunities for strategic decision makers, vendors, and other stakeholders in enterprise software to exchange knowledge around issues facing the industry and discuss successes and challenges in the selection, purchase, implementation, and use of this technology,” said Nicholas Biron, founder and chief executive officer of 3Sixty Insights. “Therefore, the Council […]

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3Sixty Insights #HRTechChat​ with Lilith Christiansen, Chief Strategy and Product Officer of SilkRoad

Welcome to 3Sixty Insights’ latest #HRTechChat. SilkRoad Technology Chief Strategy and Product Officer Lilith Christiansen current vendor member of 3Sixty Global Executive Advisory Council joined us this week to discuss just how profoundly COVID-19 has affected the workforce and influenced philosophies moving forward around how we manage people and the direction of technology for human capital management. The idea that this pandemic has changed HCM is a well-worn trope, sure, but Lilith and I dug just a little bit deeper. Here’s a sampling of the ideas we explored: Why it’s OK to use cliches in describing the profound nature of the before and after of 2020 How plans for extreme emergencies such as hurricanes or forest fires could have been a benefit last year to […]

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