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3Sixty Insights Monthly Recap | October 2021

Recent Research: Anatomy of a Decision: Engagedly Helps Customers Provide and Manage Modern, Positive Employee Experience 3Sixty Insights spoke in depth with three SMB customers of Engagedly — Essex Bank (a local financial institution), Convergent Media Group (a digital marketing agency), and BSR (a nonprofit consultancy focused on corporate responsibility). Each was facing significant challenges in managing processes associated with tracking and measuring their employees’ performance. This was the common paint point leading them to make the decision to implement or expand their deployments of Engagedly’s solution, which, in turn, brought order, efficiency, and flexibility to their workflow. All reported making major progress in achieving their ultimate goal: to modernize the employee experience. Users reported improvements in the retention of their people and in HR’s […]

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How Compt became this year’s SHRMLabs Better Workplaces Challenge Cup Winner

Last week, I had the pleasure of attending a fireside chat during the HR Tech Alliances Weekly Town Hall Meetup. Featured was Compt, this year’s SHRMLabs Better Workplaces Challenge Cup Winner. Following is a recap of the event and high-level analysis of Compt. We find ourselves smack-dab in the middle of a Great Resignation. What is it, exactly? Scores of the employed across myriad sectors of industry are reevaluating their work lives and opting to trade in their existing, possibly unsatisfying jobs for new work, elsewhere. It’s a not entirely unexpected outcome of pandemic-related lockdowns that have lasted longer than just about anyone would have wanted. Facing these market forces, how does an employer persuade a workforce to stay or potential staff to join? This […]

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