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3Sixty Insights Monthly Recap | May 2022

Recent Research: Research Preview: Payroll, HCM, and Complexity: What Are the Big Concerns in Managing Remote, Global, or Otherwise Complex Workforces? 3Ssixty Insights Co-Founder Brent Skinner’s Research Preview launching our exploration into future-of-work changes on the horizon for the kind of human capital management handled by the likes of Neeyamo, Globalization Partners, Papaya Global, Immedis, CloudPay, and others. One of our 2022 HCM themes looks at payroll, HCM, and complexity vis-à-vis professional employer organizations, human resource outsourcers, employers of record and how they help organizations manage remote, global, or otherwise complex workforces. Analyst Insight: Strategizing for High-Volume Hiring Success This Analyst Insight by 3Ssixty Insights delves into the artificial intelligence-powered Talent Experience Management (TXM) platform by Phenom. AI technology can greatly streamline, accelerate and personalize […]

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New SHRM Certification Providers for May 2022

Take the guesswork out of the recertification process for maintaining your SHRM-CP or SHRM-SCP credential. When you see the SHRM Recertification Provider seal, you know these programs have been preapproved for professional development credits. Here are the latest companies to be approved as SHRM Recertification Providers. Congratulations! 3Sixty Insights has been named a SHRM Recertification Provider amongst other great organizations. Continue Reading Here: New SHRM Certification Providers for May 2022

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How Compt became this year’s SHRMLabs Better Workplaces Challenge Cup Winner

Last week, I had the pleasure of attending a fireside chat during the HR Tech Alliances Weekly Town Hall Meetup. Featured was Compt, this year’s SHRMLabs Better Workplaces Challenge Cup Winner. Following is a recap of the event and high-level analysis of Compt. We find ourselves smack-dab in the middle of a Great Resignation. What is it, exactly? Scores of the employed across myriad sectors of industry are reevaluating their work lives and opting to trade in their existing, possibly unsatisfying jobs for new work, elsewhere. It’s a not entirely unexpected outcome of pandemic-related lockdowns that have lasted longer than just about anyone would have wanted. Facing these market forces, how does an employer persuade a workforce to stay or potential staff to join? This […]

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Artificial Intelligence, Annual Performance Reviews, and the Future of Work’s Past

The future of work has potentialities far and wide. Delve into any one aspect of it, and you quickly find yourself deep down a fascinating rabbit hole contemplating what seems like a nearly incomprehensible theory of everything. Because of this, it appears inadvisable to try to present a unified meta-theory encapsulating everything about the future of work in a single blog entry. Wisely, this blog entry attempts no such thing. What you’re reading, rather, is the first of many interrelated meditations on the future of work. Each will prompt the next. Death to the Annual Review The following headline appeared at Human Resource Executive late last month: “Are annual reviews a thing of the past?” And look at this five-year-old article at SHRM. The speculation […]

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