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3Sixty Insights Monthly Recap | June 2021

Latest Research: Case Study: SilkRoad Technology Engages with Cleveland Clinic to Implement and Support Custom Deployment of RedCarpet Onboarding The following case study provides a recount of a deep collaboration between leadership at SilkRoad Technology and a resourceful manager at the client organization to solve a significant challenge in onboarding and forge a strong vendor-client relationship for the long term. In this example, SilkRoad embarked on a high-touch effort that ultimately succeeded in helping this large network of hospitals deploy a custom implementation of SilkRoad RedCarpet to eliminate productivity-sapping, labor-intensive manual administration related to the yearly onboarding of thousands of long-term contractors. Channel Fish Anatomy of a Decision SAP Business One Technology investments are a tough sell for many business owners, and small businesses in […]

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3Sixty Insights Anatomy of a Decision

Channel Fish Anatomy of a Decision SAP Business One

The first decade of the 2000s saw a sea change in IT  spending. Until about 2009, spending oversight was starkly different from what it has become at most companies today. Chief Information Officers were generally happy to sign off on anything that stayed within their budget, so IT departments were free to make the technological and system decisions they thought would be best since they would be supporting that technology should anything go wrong. In the last decade or so, however, there’s been a shift. It’s far more common today for every purchase decision to go through finance and other departments, involving colleagues who may be unfamiliar with the provider or the ultimate use of the system and potentially slowing the adoption process (3Sixty Insights […]

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