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Market Alert: Cornerstone’s Acquisition of EdCast Creates First Mature End-To-End Future-Of-Work Learning Suite From a Single Vendor

What Happened In mid-March 2022, corporate learning solutions vendor Cornerstone announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire EdCast, provider of a learning experience platform. Once the acquisition is complete, as a result, the industry’s first mature end-to-end learning suite will be available from a single vendor. Background Following a long stint as a publicly traded company, Cornerstone returned to private ownership in late 2021, this time under the auspices of the private equity firm Clearlake Capital Group L.P. With this development for Cornerstone comes the flexibility and agility to compete in a crowded market for corporate learning technology and products. The acquisition of EdCast is evidence.   Download the full 3Sixty Insights Market Alert:

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theHRDIRECTOR – We Must Expand our Understanding of what Automation Means

Whether AI will ever get to the point where it wants to, and can, replace us in doing the things we like to do is a question for Elon Musk. In advisedly, we may tackle the topic here at some point. In the meantime, let’s return to relatively straightforward subject matter: predicting the future of work…. A Recap of the Future of Work AI’s future role in decision-making related to the workforce will spur the future demise of the role of traditional manager, a persistent relic of an eventual past when humans made decisions based on their limited, analogue understandings of what works in building teams in the workplace. So too will AI precipitate the death of annual reviews and even the notion that it […]

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3Sixty Insights Monthly Recap | May 2021

Latest Research: Research Agenda: Finance Research Practice H2 2021 Companies have benefitted from rapid deployment of cloud-based ERP. “Customization” once delayed legacy implementations, but now “Low/No Code” environments enable personalization and better adaptation to unique business requirements. As AI, IoT, and other acronym-rich trends increase the pace of change, rapid system updates and increased leverage of available capabilities become more and more valuable. Putting predictive, intelligent, and mobile capabilities into the hands of front-line resources will further increase the payoff. The Financials and ERP practice at 3Sixty Insights plans to explore these and other themes over the next 12 months: Research Preview: COVID-19, WFH, and the Long View: Can HCM Protect the Employee Experience? What happens when human capital management catches COVID-19? Late last year, […]

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Digitalizing Talent Learning & Development | Irene Riad – Global Executive Advisory Council Member

In May, Irene Riad joined the 3Sixty Insights End-User Global Executive Advisory Council (GEAC) Symposium to share her journey in selecting and deploying a global learning and development platform from Saba Software (now a part of Cornerstone OnDemand). In this video, Irene, herself a member of the GEAC, shares the background, the process and the lessons learned in selecting this solution. Irene’s presentation provides a recount of her team’s overall decision-making, implementation, and approach to global adoption, all of which they undertook amidst a global re-organization and the COVID-19 pandemic.

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