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Market Alert: Visier Launches People Cloud to Deliver Actionable Workforce Insights to Frontline Managers

What Happened In early March 2022, Visier announced the launch of People Cloud. Powered by the vendor’s cloud-based, artificial intelligence–underpinned people analytics platform, Visier People Cloud is a hub that aggregates and combines people-related, work, and operational data from across an organization. Processing and analyzing this continuously updating dataset, Visier People Cloud pushes the results, as actionable insights, directly to managers and executives. Context Combined data from the far-flung, multiple corners of the enterprise presents much potential value to decision-makers. Unleash AI on it, and you have a recipe to mine deep insights into internal (and external) trends, helping leaders guide their companies in the right directions. From the perspective of HCM, analytics of these origins and of this caliber become far more dynamic, of […]

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